Monday, November 13, 2017


Ed Ukaonu

CEO Indoor BILLBOARD Network, Ga

We give businesses the opportunity to extend their name, their brand, and their customer's experience... outside of their own business location and give them the ability to be in front of their current and perspective customers when they are not physicaly in front of their current and perspective customers.

Thus, allowing them to be "Top of Mind", Relevant and more importantly trigger that "Word of Mouth" marketing that every business works and craves for.

Indoor Digital Billboards is the primary driver for "Word of Mouth" & "Top Of Mind" marketing.

We are currently in the Sandy Springs & Dunwoody areas and quickly expanding into Fulton county.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Vic Anapolle

Converting excess capacity and/or inventory to gain new customers, cash referrals and cash flow improvement... 

The alternative business strategy / Develop an internal trading network / Program of enhanced cash flow

Friday, October 20, 2017


Jeff Snow

Legal Shield Associate & Executive Director

Meet Jeff Snow, Good friend, caring and compassionate guy and great networker. Reach out and just have a conversation, it may just lead you somewhere really great.

Friday, October 6, 2017


Mark Keramidas
Rollins Financial, Inc.
Office: 404-892-7926 | Cell: 678-733-4848

At Rollins Financial, we work with clients from all walks of life—at every age and every stage. Some are just beginning their investment journey, while others have been working toward their financial objectives for years. Wherever you are in the process, our personable team of financial experts will help you meet your investment goals with a streamlined, transparent, and disciplined approach you can trust.

Connect with Mark, you will be glad you did.  He is a seasoned financial professional, and a great guy.

Rollins Signature Logos

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Brittany Mar
Sales Representative
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Auto - Home - Life

770-631-9682 ext. 57753

Saturday, August 26, 2017


Joseph Mays
360 Virtual Scenes
Owner & President


Joseph is an interesting guy... he has been in the IT business for many years, previously with Cox Enterprises and also  managing the IT for a law firm in Atlanta.

He has a company that does 360 Virtual Scenes for Real Estate people to help them sell their home.  I have to tell you, this is really quite incredible and also quite affordable for what he does.

You really must check out his 3D scenes and virtual tours.  What he does is quite amazing

Also check out his 3D Crystals:

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Jay Haugen
Chief Sales Officer
Atlanta Media Pro's

Jay manages an amazing video production company in Marietta. They can produce truly, any kind of video you may need.  They do TV quality commercials, they do events, training, Internet marketing and more. They work with fortune 500 clients and they have truly an award winning staff and team, that can virtually work and create amazing video's all over the world.

If you are in any way thinking about corporate video... you simply must have a conversation with Jay.

Monday, July 31, 2017


Monica Kirkland

Meet Monica Kirkland, she is a photographer who specializes in people and bringing out the true character of the moment, the event and the occasion.  People love what she does and how she works. Birthday parties, graduations, babies special occasions and even corporate and business events, she fits in well with her experience and her outgoing yet direct personality.

Monica is also a social media and business consultant.  Please see her websites above and have a conversation to see how her skills can impact your life and your business.

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Cathleen Mohr
Small Dog Haven
Owner & Caregiver

Cathleen has left the corporate technology world to become an entrepreneur.  She has a pet sitting business in her home.  She brings small dogs (30 Lbs or less) into her home to take care of while the dogs owners are away from home.  She can care for six dogs at a time.  Dogs can be any age and must be  Spayed or Neutered.  Cathleen is certified.

Cathleen loves to travel and is part of a world-wide women only travel network. She has a heart for women's empowerment.

In addition, part of her long term entrepreneurial endeavors is with Rodan + Fields skin care.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Dee Hart
Village Vesl

You Really Need To Check This Out!
Community-branded mobile service designed to bring all members of communities together in fun, safe and exciting ways. Residents and small businesses alike use our tools to stay engaged and informed on a 24/7, real-time basis. We do local the right way - at the local level, with local entrepreneurs who own and operate their own Village Vesl territories (franchisees) in areas where they live, work and play.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


John Holt

Good Friend Mortgage
Reverse Mortgage Consultant

John is in the Ballground area, but works everywhere.  Reverse mortgages have become more acceptable as of late.  They can be of great benefit to both the homeowner and their families.  There is much to know about reverse mortgages, and John is the perfect person with whom to explore and perhaps embrace these options.

John also has an interesting business history.  He has a kind and helpful heart especially when discussing these types of options.

I encourage you to reach out to John Holt

Friday, May 12, 2017


Sheryl Lanham
Legal Shield

Today I met with Sheryl Lanham.  Though we met nearly a year ago, today was the first time actually getting to know one another.

Sheryl owns Visionary Design Group and offers a full line of promotional products for both print and web.

She also represents Digital First Social Media which offers an incredible array of social media tools and services. They have Facebook services and Mobile services.  Their focus is on social media content, digital advertising and search engine optimization. 

As always, this is an open invitation to connect.

Monday, May 8, 2017


Susan Smith Hopkins
Your Best Choice -- Health / Life / Energy

Licensed Agent/Director
With Exceptional Customer Service

Working with several companies to find you the absolute BEST rate possible, Susan offers insurance plans to cover Health/Life, (Whole & Term) Medicare Supplements/Short-Term Disability/Annuities.

She can even hook you up with a virtual MD service... Pretty Cool!

Here's the thing, we don't know what we don't know until we actually know it.  Susan is a gift... Reach out and have a conversation... Tell Her I Sent You

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


John Thomas

World Ventures Travel

I recently met John Thomas.  He is a real interesting guy and has an interesting history.  I knew I would like him, we both were in the restaurant business. Though he does several things, his passion is in the travel industry.  I have learned that World Ventures has a much simpler platform than what I remember, and is far easier than what I remember... and far less expensive.

It would be well worth the the conversation with John Thomas

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Greer McCosh
Sales Specialist
Everything But The House

Greer is a sales specialist with EBTH (Everything But The House)
I find this totally cool...
They are the premier estate sale marketplace in the country... They do strictly online estate sales.
It operates like an auction, in that everything sells in 7 days
They do have online consignment sales for smaller batches

They work with clients facing all types of situations in life: downsizing, relocation, or dealing with the estate of a loved one. True to their name, from the garden hose to a car, we truly can sell "everything but the house." Their trust-worthy and passionate team works hard to make sure that EBTH can find the best solution to those looking to sell the contents of their estate. 

White Glove Full Service Estate Sale Solution
A Global Audience of Bidders in over 125 countries
Proceeds up to 305 times more than traditional alternatives

Greer is seeking to connect with:
Estate Attorneys / Real Estate People / Senior Care Specialists and Senior Move Managers

Monday, March 20, 2017

Who Needs What

Who Needs What?
How can someone help you?
Simply add your comments below for others to see.

Let's See How This Works

(Please Keep This Simple, To The Point, and Friendly)

Newsletter Update

Creating New Conversations

Greetings From Michael Eilermann

The Atlanta Networkers Networking Site is now ready to move forward.

I've moved the ability to show and share all content to this Blogger web site for many reasons, but mostly because it can all be accomplished, changed and updated with people and updated material and information very easily and quickly.

The new addition of people can be distributed as they occur to anyone subscribed to this networking blog.  To me, that is very cool, and eliminates the need for me to maintain an email list.

The great thing here too, is that it is in fact a database of immediately available people, business cards, and audio and video of people who network, and hopefully want to talk to, interact with and engage with other people.  Nothing Happens Without A Conversation.  My hope is that this site will initiate NEW conversations.

In addition, this site provides for near immediate interaction between people, through video and live, real-time text based communication.

I intend to begin a new Who Needs What thread each week which anyone coming to the site can post to and look back on... let's solve issues, and make live and business a little easier on one another!

This site is prepared to include:

  • A Business Card Exchange and Introduction System
  • Audio and Video Business Introductions (on their own provided page)
  • My Personal 1 on 1 Introductions, as I'm inspired to share!
  • Other recorded audio and video interviews and networking
  • On Demand 1 on 1 Video
  • Much Participation Included on Facebook
  • 24/7 Live Text Networking
  • Coming: Video Office Hours

Video Platform
For video conferencing, video intro recording etc, out video platform of choice is
This platform is a free service up to a point, and they provide everyone with their own dedicated URL.  This I think is amazing... Need help, call or email me.

Another great platform is , and of course Google Hangouts are still a very good option.  All of these are FREE.

Thank you for your attention.

And FYI... We have a similar faith-based Christian Resource and Networking platform.
G6ten  & The Blogger Site  I am seeking like-minded, mutually supportive Christian business people and ministries.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Rick Sheninger

Rick Sheninger

Have A Conversation... Tell Him Michael Sent You!

LinkedIn Training
Rick Sheninger - One To One Marketing 
He is an interesting guy and can really help you with your LinkedIn profile and more.
Give him a call, have a conversation, and tell him I connected you

John McCleer

John McCleer

Have A Conversation... Tell Him Michael Sent You

Glass Art
John McCleer - Stained Glass Art, Windows & Replications
Glass House Art is owned and operated by Georgia native John McCleer. John has over 45 years of experience in the design industry, working with both commercial and residential interior designers, architectural firms, and the retail public. His stained glass artistry reflects his attention to detail, capturing color and scale, while creating a harmonious relationship to the overall setting. Depending on the size and complexity of the design, John constructs his pieces using lead came, in the Tiffany style, or in mosaic form.