Saturday, June 18, 2016


Fred King

Fred King
Vice President, Freedom Equity Group
Retirement & Money / SAVING/MAKING Adviser

Fred King Fred King Fred King Safe Money Specialist who Guarantees a Life Savings Account that will NEVER lose a nickel. You will have LIVING BENEFITS, and NEVER outlive your TAX FREE money. I offer a FREE CONSULT and love to GIVE and Get Referrals

Who is a good referral source for me ?
Caring people looking to LEGALLY PAY LESS (or None) TAXES and who wants to have a TAX FREE RETIREMENT. People who already have insurance on their cars, homes, and life. Those are people who understand the value. Safety and Growth of your principal to provide for Retirement while also giving you money for those things that just happen. Truly, money you do NOT have to DIE to collect from your plan. Individuals and Companies can all benefit from an INDEPENDENT LICENSED PROFESSIONAL look and Free Review with Options. TAX FREE MONEY IN RETIREMENT.