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Do you want to network in the morning...
   But don't want to BE ANYWHERE... in the morning?

Then Atlanta Networkers Early AM Live Video Networking may be for you.

Using your web cam and the internet, we can meet together from our home offices and do much of what others do but have to go somewhere else to do it.

Let's face it, many of us just do not want to be anywhere at 7:30 in the morning.  Or perhaps where you would like to be, is too far away to be there in the morning.

Atlanta Networkers will be doing live AM business networking sessions with 10 to 12 people.
We will record our sessions for others to view at a later date.

For the record:
  We will start out FREE, but will ultimately move to a minimally paid version.
  After all, there is a bit of effort to do this.

These Are Business Meetings:
  You are expected to show up dressed as if you were going to a business meeting
  Business Casual... At least from the waist up :-)

  You will be given the opportunity to present you 1-2 minute pitch
    Depending on how many people are participating.  Q&A will be provided.

The Technical:
  We will be using
  There is a  one-time download much like GoTo Meeting to allow this to work
  I highly advise starting a FREE account with Zoom, it will come in handy later.
    I can help you with this so you are prepared.
  How To Sign Up For Zoom
  Or... How To Enter A Zoom Meeting
  Ear Buds / Head Sets
    Everyone must use one of the above. Otherwise feedback noises are highly likely
    Without one of the above, you will not be allowed to participate.
    We will be recording these sessions, and those recordings will be available here.