Tuesday, April 25, 2017


John Thomas

World Ventures Travel

I recently met John Thomas.  He is a real interesting guy and has an interesting history.  I knew I would like him, we both were in the restaurant business. Though he does several things, his passion is in the travel industry.  I have learned that World Ventures has a much simpler platform than what I remember, and is far easier than what I remember... and far less expensive.

It would be well worth the the conversation with John Thomas

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Greer McCosh
Sales Specialist
Everything But The House

Greer is a sales specialist with EBTH (Everything But The House)
I find this totally cool...
They are the premier estate sale marketplace in the country... They do strictly online estate sales.
It operates like an auction, in that everything sells in 7 days
They do have online consignment sales for smaller batches

They work with clients facing all types of situations in life: downsizing, relocation, or dealing with the estate of a loved one. True to their name, from the garden hose to a car, we truly can sell "everything but the house." Their trust-worthy and passionate team works hard to make sure that EBTH can find the best solution to those looking to sell the contents of their estate. 

White Glove Full Service Estate Sale Solution
A Global Audience of Bidders in over 125 countries
Proceeds up to 305 times more than traditional alternatives

Greer is seeking to connect with:
Estate Attorneys / Real Estate People / Senior Care Specialists and Senior Move Managers