Friday, December 1, 2017

Newsletter Update

Creating New Conversations

Greetings From Michael Eilermann

The Atlanta Networkers Networking Site is now ready to move forward.

I've moved the ability to show and share all content to this Blogger web site for many reasons, but mostly because it can all be accomplished, changed and updated with people and updated material and information very easily and quickly.

The new addition of people can be distributed as they occur to anyone subscribed to this networking blog.  To me, that is very cool, and eliminates the need for me to maintain an email list.

The great thing here too, is that it is in fact a database of immediately available people, business cards, and audio and video of people who network, and hopefully want to talk to, interact with and engage with other people.  Nothing Happens Without A Conversation.  My hope is that this site will initiate NEW conversations.

In addition, this site provides for near immediate interaction between people, through video and live, real-time text based communication.

I intend to begin a new Who Needs What thread each week which anyone coming to the site can post to and look back on... let's solve issues, and make live and business a little easier on one another!

This site is prepared to include:

  • A Business Card Exchange and Introduction System
  • Audio and Video Business Introductions (on their own provided page)
  • My Personal 1 on 1 Introductions, as I'm inspired to share!
  • Other recorded audio and video interviews and networking
  • On Demand 1 on 1 Video
  • Much Participation Included on Facebook
  • 24/7 Live Text Networking
  • Coming: Video Office Hours

Video Platform
For video conferencing, video intro recording etc, out video platform of choice is
This platform is a free service up to a point, and they provide everyone with their own dedicated URL.  This I think is amazing... Need help, call or email me.

Another great platform is This is a free platform at the time of this writing and you may create your own FREE Room for near spontaneous video conversation.

Thank you for your attention.

And FYI... We have a similar faith-based Christian Resource and Networking platform.
G6ten  & The Blogger Site  I am seeking like-minded, mutually supportive Christian business people and ministries.