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Saturday, April 20, 2019


Ken Kingery
Masaic Corporation
Mosaic Paperless Business Solutions &
Content and Document Management

I am a principal at Mosaic Corporation which focuses on helping businesses adopt paperless business practices utilizing document and content management software and various scanning and capture technologies. Mosaic is one of the few consultancies dedicated exclusively to paperless workflow technologies and now has several hundred clients in the southeast.

Our clients like that I listen to what they are saying and respond very promptly to their concerns and issues. They truly appreciate that I am usually quite knowledgeable about their business or industry and that I am also quite knowledgeable about our technology and how it affects their business. My main area of expertise is knowing how to implement change in an organizational culture. This is the reason that we are successful with all of our technology implementations.

In general, we are looking for mid-sized businesses that process lots of documents (paper or digital) that can benefit from significant process efficiencies. Examples of “great fit” businesses are:
·        Auto dealers
·        Banks
·        Attorneys
·        Real Estate businesses
·        Manufacturers
·        Restaurant chains
·        Hotel chains
·        Schools
·        City governments
·        Medical practices
·        Investment advisors

Document Management  |  Accounting  |  HR  |  Cloud  |  Capture

Paperless Workflow
Scanners & Capture Technology


Marsha Epperly
Sales Manager, Collins Digital

All types of printing needs
Graphical Design, Offset & Digital Printing
Posters, Banners, Mail Services and More

Collins is a family-owned printer in the Atlanta area specializing in design, print and mail.  We combine 44 years of craftsmanship with cutting edge print and digital technology.  Our goal is to be your partner in providing any print or marketing pieces that you may need.  Think about us when you are preparing for upcoming events, conferences, educational classes etc. 

Collins Digital is interested in partnering with your company in the area of print and marketing to help you accomplish your goals, make your deadlines and save you time and money as well as provide you legendary customer service. Collins can provide you with award winning graphic design, full color offset printing as well as black and white printing, PLUS a full service finishing department including complete mailing and fulfillment. Let our 40 years of expertise help you increase your business

Directors of Events, Conferences & Trade Shows
Directors & Leaders of Non-Profits
Marketers Using Direct Mail
Manufacturers & Trainers requiring manuals of any kind


Ruth Gravely
Digital Marketing Consultant

We create campaigns that get you found and contacted by people searching for what you sell.
We find the words people use when they search for what you do in your local area.  We create a set of landing pages that use these words so that Google will find and trust your business when people are searching.  This set of landing pages is called a "leadsite", and is the foundation for your local marketing campaign.  Your campaign is not designed to tell people everything about your business; it's designed to get them to call you to learn more - so you have the best chance to turn them into customers.

Your campaign is designed two goals:
Gain Google's Trust & Get You More Calls

Being part of Web.Com, Ruth integrates and blends the services of Google and Facebook lead generation, SEO marketing, Managed Facebook Pages, Custom Web Development and E-Commerce.

The best of all worlds.

Reach out and have a conversation... Tell her you found her here.


Carol Harper

Carol Harper Speaks
Best Way To Reach Carol Is:

Carol Harper is a speaker and an author on a mission. That mission is to help women raise their self-esteem so they can reach their full potential. If you are searching for your purpose, you must hear Carol's inspiring talk.

After a head-on collision with a drunk driver, Carol thought her life was over. In the100 m.p.h. impact, her facial bones were crushed to powder. A traumatic brain injury left her in critical
condition. She survived but had six surgeries to rebuild her face. She learned to see her inner beauty and shares this message with other women.

Carol knows adversity and can help others stay positive during turbulent times in their lives. God helped Carol heal her emotional wounds and now she is helping others through her speaking and books on self-esteem.

Mention you saw this in Michael Eilermann's networking blog and get a free thirty minute coaching session with Carol.


Jerry Dore
Sales Mentor

Jerry Dore

Friday, April 19, 2019


Glass Art
  John McCleer


  John Thomas


Brad McCaulley
Image Intro



Sales Mentor
  Jerry Dore

  Carol Harper


Real Estate
  Joseph Mays


Pet Sitter
  Cathleen Mohr

Proximity Marketing
  AJ Richards

  Monica Kirkland

Paperless Documents
  Ken Kingery


Marketing, Digital
  Mariann Harms
  Tony Roland
  Ruth Gravely


Image Intro


Life Design
  David Anderson Sr

  Rick Sheninger


  Jodi Lewis

  Brittany Marr

Image Intros
  Image Intros



Financial Services
  JB Burnett
  Mark Keramidas
  Fred King


  Vic Anapole

Business Networking
  Michael Eilermann


  Ed Ukaonu

  Toni Thomas

  Dave Savage