Thursday, January 14, 2016

Burnett, JB

JB Burnett

Financial Services
Retirement Consultant/Safe Money Specialist
First Financial Security

About me:
I've been helping people with their personal finances since 1984. My focus has evolved over the years from helping people establish a spending plan to manage their household income and eliminate debt, into now helping people establish retirement plans. Starting with Social Security strategies and advancing into Lifetime Annuity income, Indexed Universal Life strategies that includes income for life, and Final Expense planning and preparation. In addition, I help Seniors make accurate Medicare supplement decisions by educating and informing them of updated changes in Medicare for making easy decisions of a complicated system. Lastly, for small business owners, I share a Private Lending strategy of how they can become their own banker and capitalize on the interest they currently pay to banks by putting this money into their own estate.

Who can benefit:
Married couples, seniors, and small business owners thinking about long-term financial planning. Anyone with 401K's sitting with companies they no longer work for, can safely move that money for better control using tax-deferred/tax-free strategies to get the most from their retirement funds.