Sunday, November 26, 2017


Jodi Lewis

I am in the Communication Arts to bless people and businesses with the talents I have. 
--I draw to accommodate any illustration style
--I can write for advertising/marketing
--Uphold brand integrity
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Jodi Lewis also does profile caricatures very reasonably

Monday, November 13, 2017


Ed Ukaonu

CEO Indoor BILLBOARD Network, Ga

We give businesses the opportunity to extend their name, their brand, and their customer's experience... outside of their own business location and give them the ability to be in front of their current and perspective customers when they are not physicaly in front of their current and perspective customers.

Thus, allowing them to be "Top of Mind", Relevant and more importantly trigger that "Word of Mouth" marketing that every business works and craves for.

Indoor Digital Billboards is the primary driver for "Word of Mouth" & "Top Of Mind" marketing.

We are currently in the Sandy Springs & Dunwoody areas and quickly expanding into Fulton county.