Welcome to Atlanta Networkers
Think of this as a simple online business expo

It's a simple introduction system for you to meet one another. It's a Business Card Exchange, It's Audio & Video Elevator Speeches, and it's a simple 24/7 Business Networking Message Board.

It is a simple video networking system

Some of this is even on Facebook  ( www.facebook.com/atlantanetworkers )

All new business cards are initially shared on our FB timeline, and on my personal time line.  If you know someone that shows up here, please consider sharing their business card on your time line.

It's significantly about creating new conversations.  Make the call... introduce yourselves to one another.  Just say you found them on Atlanta Networkers.

This is also a Business Card Exchange.  All business cards may easily be downloaded to your computer for later access and use.

In addition, I also share for you, your Digital Business cards.  How cool is that?

In time, we will grow in size.  Please be sure to share your successes on our Message Board

Thank You For Stopping By...All The Best...
Michael Eilermann